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Independent Association of Hobbyists unless otherwise stated

All contributions to this website are the personal opinions of the individual members concerned and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Association or its committee unless specifically stated. The Association accepts no responsibility for advice or information given on this website or by its members.

Tony and Jan Charity
on their
Great American Adventure-


We are a wholly independent group of Hobby motorhome owners who formed an association so that we can exchange ideas, support each other with our technical problems and meet up on a regular basis at venues throughout Britain and, occasionally, abroad.
 We are a non profit making Association and have no allegiance to any Dealer/Franchise. The Committee is voted in by members at each AGM and we rely on everyone's input rather than just the few.

Our main goal is to enjoy our vehicles and encourage communication between all our members.
 Our motif is a Hobby bird from our own country, hence:

   Free as the Bird!

London LEZ

The rules for the Low Emissions Zone around London have changed. 3.5 ton+ vans with Eurocap III rated engines will no longer be able to use most roads within the M25.  The charges and fines are considerable and camera enforced.      To find out if this will affect you check your registration on the Transport For London web site.

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2013 Ambleside Rally Photos